Every site, industrial or commercial, presents its own cleaning challenges. In a modern competitive environment where efficiency and environmental friendliness are crucial, utilizing the right cleaning products is more important than ever. Supported by trusted partners with solid track records, we supply a full range of industrial maintenance products, professional cleaning supplies, industrial air treatment systems as well as street cleaning equipment.  
Klenco is one of the top regional marketers of professional cleaning supplies and industrial maintenance products. Based in Singapore, it offers the most comprehensive array of cleaning products ranging from cleaning chemicals and simple vacuum cleaners to truck mounted vacuums and road-going sweepers.
Klenco   Klenco   Klenco
Dulevo is the leading Italian manufacturer of commercial, industrial and street cleaning equipment best known for its patented mechanical-suction sweeping system for large sweepers as epitomized in its flagship model 5000. This is the only true sweeping solution for heavy industrial and high dust environments such as shipyards, cement & steel plants as well as environments such as F1 racing tracks where debris and dust control is critical.
Kiekens is a Dutch manufacturer of specialty suction systems for purposes of preventive extraction and corrective cleaning in production and industrial processes. Its product scope includes centralized suction systems, pre-separators, specialty filtration with various safety customizations, certifications and more.
Kiekens   Kiekens   Kiekens
NLB is the partner of choice to solve tough product removal and surface preparation challenges - Be it for paint removal, reactor tank/heat-exchanger cleaning, hydro-demolition or various other processes in the construction, oil & gas, shipyard or automotive industries. With its 40 years water jetting experience and the industry's broadest range of pumps and accessories, NLB has the expertise and products to provide solutions for applications requiring high-pressure water up to 40,000 psi.
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